For villains and superheroes, origin stories are straightforward and quick to tell – mutant spider, radiation storm, cosmic intervention, alien with abilities. For a business owner, it’s not always a quick tale with easy-to-recap plot points. How a business comes to exist, what drives the owners to finally throw up their hands and say ‘I’ll do it myself!’ can be a complicated narrative.

Our story here at StillPoint begins more than 10 years ago, when Lauren came onboard the firm I was working for at the time. Over the years, first at that employer… then another… then another, our friendship deepened and our working relationship went from casual to deeply interconnected. We learned that we are good foils for each other – she helps me edit, and I help her expand. Our open and easy way of working together naturally impacts those around us – drawing them in and creating a circle of comfort and camaraderie that makes work easier and more enjoyable.

Over the years, we’ve heard many times that working with us ‘isn’t like working with other accountants.’ We’ve always smiled, taken it as a compliment and kept right on going. This year, however, as the world shifted and small businesses were rocked to their core, we looked at each other and asked – can we do more?

How could we help business owners here and elsewhere that were struggling to understand what was happening to their business? How could we help them identify ways to cut costs, rework business models and weather this storm? What would that look like?

It didn’t take long to know exactly what it would look like, and that we would have to build it. StillPoint Accounting exists so that we can take our relationship-based approach to accounting services out of the confines of one company, so we can serve many.

Our goal is to be approachable financial advisors that create a ‘still point’ in the hectic business lives of our clients (and ourselves) – a source of those moments of calm and comfort that make you think ‘I’ve got this!’ So much of owning your own business can feel overwhelming or lonely, and our practice exists to remove both of those feelings for our clients. We are here to tell you – we can achieve all things together, and you are never alone on your journey.

If those are words you need to hear, let’s connect.

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